Established in Armenia, O2A offers outsourced accounting services for the global accounting market. Since 2011, O2A has crafted a beneficial business by focusing on the following objectives: helping our accounting partners to succeed and aiding in the prosperity of our country. Our main mission is to help professional accounting outsourcing firms from the USA and France build their teams Armenia. Why Armenia? Mostly because besides providing high-quality services by qualified professionals, the Armenian market offers lower costs. We are not an exception, either. Our services are designed to be cost-effective and scalable in the global market. With our suggested packages, your accounting firm will forget all the worries and can focus on the core business.Why keep doing it all in-house if you can build a high-qualified team who will perform your administration and compliance tasks at lower costs giving your team the opportunity to focus on the growth of your firm? O2A has more than 6 years of experience in outsourcing services. We deliver superior results and minimize cost, allowing partners to concentrate and strengthen the focus on business areas.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Recording financial transactions in bookkeeping software.
  • Carrying out bank reconciliations.
  • Reporting any irregularities in data to management.
  • Producing balance sheets, income statements and other financial documents.
  • Analyzing accounting information to prepare financial reports.
  • Preparation and analysis of financial KPI reports​

Client Focus

In O2A customer culture is a concentrated effort that starts at the top of the organization. We are proud to announce that we have adopted a customer-centric strategy. Our main duty is to understand the needs of each client by providing value added services. Each member of our team has a solid understanding of how their obligation affect the customer experience. We listen to your concerns and collect all of your comments/feedback.


In addition to the fact that each client chooses the control and management tools, our team has a hierarchy to do the job more efficiently. Team leaders are responsible for the quality of the work.


We are enthusiastic about new technology.We use it for the benefit of the work done in all processes․ Technology ensures data privacy, saves time, speeds up work and secures that we are constantly in touch with customers.


The valuable ``asset`` of O2A is qualified and happy /delightful / staff, who respond quickly to the needs and concerns of our customers without compromising quality and with less time. We provide team spirit by simplifying the decision-making process and improving the control mechanism․


A Time-Saving Solution

Time is the most valuable asset for accounting firms. By giving part of their bookkeeping tasks to outsourced accounting services, accounting firms save tens of hours every week. Bookkeeping outsourcing partners implement the newest cloud technologies and employ a group of qualified bookkeepers.

Forever Scaleable

With growing clients comes a growing workload. But if an accounting firm has partnered with an outsourced company, extra workload can be easily managed.  This means there’s never a need for accounting firms to hire additional hands as their client’s workload increases.

Keeping Up With Competition

For some firms, bookkeeping isn’t worth the trouble and they’ve chosen to drop the service entirely or scale back their bookkeeping operations. However, dropping bookkeeping as a service puts these firms at a major disadvantage when compared to the firms that still function as one-stop-shops. Price reduction is another advantage that accounting firms should consider.

Tools we use